Annual General Meetings

Each year the branch and national secretaries announce the AGMs.  Branches normally hold their AGM at the end of the membership year and the National AGM is held in April.  At the AGM the annual reports are presented and office bearer vacancies are elected.

When announcing the date of the AGM the secretary will call for office bearer nominations, and elections are held at the meeting.  Members who are unable to attend the meeting can nominate a proxy (a current NAGCAS member) to vote on their behalf.

2018 AGM

When: Monday 30th April 2018



 The NAGCAS Management Committee is proposing three areas for amendments to the Constitution:

  • Composition of Management Committee
  • Terms of Appointment of Management Committee
  • Composition of Committees and Sub Committees


The NAGCAS Management Committee is proposing minor corrections to wording of the Constitution for consistency and where cross referencing to the sections has been incorrect under advice from solicitors.

Should the Resolutions be accepted by the meeting the NAGCAS Management Committee, as per Constitution Point 28 (i.e. The Management Committee may from time to time make, amend or repeal By-Laws not inconsistent with the Constitution for the internal management of the Association), will amend the BY-Laws appropriately to reflect these changes to the Constitution.

Following are three copies of the Constitution:


Also provided are the Background Notes supporting the amendments.  Click here to view.


Special Resolution 1

The NAGCAS Constitution is amended to reflect a change in the composition of the   Management Committee to:


  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Past President
  • Secretary/Public Officer/Queensland Divisional/Branch President
  • Professional Development Co-ordinator
  • Treasurer : (That an Accountant be co-opted from an Accounting Professional Association that is a NAGCAS Organisational member to ensure good financial Governance)

  Additional Management Committee roles

  • Ex Officio Divisional/Branch President Representative*
  • National VET Representative
  • 2 optional co-opted roles:
    • 1 CICA  representative (nominated by CICA)
    • 1 spare


Special Resolution 2

The NAGCAS Constitution is amended to reflect a change in the terms of office for Management Committee members for. Specifically that:

  1. That the “National President” role be restricted to two consecutive terms.
  2. That the terms on the Management Committee in any one role be limited to two terms.


 Special Resolution 3

The NAGCAS Constitution is amended to reflect the establishment of the following Sub-Committees to support the new Management Structure and the work of the organisation:

  1. Divisional Branch Presidents
  2. Professional Development
  3. Organisational Representatives


Special Resolution 4

The NAGCAS Constitution is amended to correct errors and inconsistencies in wording


2017 AGM Minutes

2017 Special Resolution Meeting Minutes