Why Become a Member

espouses an environment of professional collegiality and collaboration. We aim to help our members connect with each other and professionally support one another. To facilitate these endeavours, each month we offer state-based and national professional career development opportunities to network and learn.
As a group, we aim to build a stronger awareness of the importance of career development learning in education, workforce development, personal efficacy and social benefit.
We want to ensure that as the peak national association for tertiary career development we are active in our advocacy role, on behalf of our members, our services and our profession.

Join NAGCAS to access:

1. Tools

·   Professional Development (up-skilling and leveraging your current expertise)

·   Opportunities to learn from member colleagues

·   Access to best practice / research

·   Training and resources with maximum impact for minimal cost (value for money)

2. Connection

·   Access to networks / links to Colleagues

·   Support (when you are facing professional challenges)

·   Mentoring

·   Collaboration (for projects and proposals)

3. Motivation

·   Collegiality (when you want to talk about work)

·   Friendship (where you simply look forward to seeing one another)

·   To get inspiration

·   Recognition for your professional standing – the value of being part of a professional association / peak body