Best Practice


Each year NAGCAS host the Best Practice Award which is an opportunity for members to showcase the innovative projects and activities that they have been involved in during the past 12 months.  Each institution is invited and encouraged to submit one example of best practice from their careers service.

By means of the Institution Representative Committee, each institution reviews all submissions and cast one vote for the submission they deem the best as per the selection criteria.  The top four nominations i.e. those with the most votes, will be invited to present at the annual NAGCAS conference where the second and final round voting process will occur.

A $1000 prize is awarded to the Careers Service that is judged to be an example or excellence based on the selection criteria.  The Best Practice Award is sponsored by NAGCAS or jointly sponsored together with a partnering sponsor.

As in previous years, all best practice submissions received in 2017 will be posted online to provide an opportunity for all members to view the innovation that is happening across our sector and to be able to contribute to the voting process.

The closing date for entries to the 2017 Award will be 30 September 2017.