Best Practice


Each year NAGCAS hosts the “Best Practice Award” which is an opportunity for tertiary Careers Services to showcase the innovative projects and activities that they have been involved in during the past 12 months. Each institution casts one vote and the top 4 entrants will be invited to present at the annual NAGCAS conference on Tuesday 29th November 2016. All conference delegates will have an opportunity to vote for the best practice from the top 4 finalists, via the conference app.

A $1000 prize is awarded to the Careers Service that is judged to be an outstanding example of best practice based on the selection criteria.  The Best Practice Award is sponsored by NAGCAS.

As in previous years, all best practice submissions received in 2016 will be posted online to provide an opportunity for all members to view the innovation that is happening across our sector and to be able to contribute to the voting process.

The deadline for Best Practice Award Nominations is September 30

NAGCAS Best practice entries need to demonstrate the following:

  1. Demonstrated benefit to tertiary students, graduate employers and/or tertiary institutions;
  2. Potentially or currently benefits the NAGCAS organisation, its members and the career development industry; and
  3. A degree of innovation.

To assist you with your submission please view:

  • 2016 submissions
  • 2015 submissions
  • 2014 submissions

What you will need to do to submit an entry:

  1. Create a title for your entry
  2. Provide a concise written summary of your entry (maximum 500 words)
  3. Complete the entry template that explains how your entry addresses the criteria.
  4. Provide a link to your entry e.g. link to your institutional home page, vodcast, podcast, PDF file
  5. Supply an image (optional)
  6. Supply your institutional logo (all submissions will be published in the conference workbook and participants will be identified during the conference to allow maximum idea sharing)

If you already submitted your nomination

You will be provided with a special log in to review your submission and make any changes before it goes live to the public.

Do you need some help?

If you need any more information or support in completing your nomination and understanding the Best Practice Awards, we are here to help! Email our National Professional Development Coordinator, Mary Appleby [email protected]

Additional information


The first round of voting for the NAGCAS Best Practice Award will be conducted via the NAGCAS Institutional Representatives Group.

  • There will be one vote per institution.
  • Institutions will not be able to vote for their own entry.
  • The top four entries will be invited to present at the NAGCAS conference and you will receive further information after the first round of voting is completed.

The second round of voting will occur at the NAGCAS 2016 Conference.

  • Conference delegates will be able to cast one vote for the best practice entry via the conference App.
  • The winner will be announced at the NAGCAS Conference Gala Dinner

How to vote for the first round

  1. View all entries for the NAGCAS Best Practice Award in the showcase section of the website.
  2. Consult with the NAGCAS colleagues at your institution and nominate your choice (institutions will not be able to vote for their own entry).
  3. Institutional representatives will be able to lodge your institutions’ vote via the online form.
  4. Voting is open until COB Friday 24 October

*If there is more than one careers area in your institution the institutional representative must seek the views of all NAGCAS members.