Pre-Conference Activities

 Please select one activity only:

  1. Visit University of Sydney Career Service only (9.00 to 10.30)
  2. Visit University of Technology Career Service (11.00 to 12.20)
  3. Visit Uni of Sydney and Uni of Technology Sydney (9.00 to 10.30 AND 11.00 to 12.20)
  4. Visit to Google (9.30 to 11.30)
  5. Workshop “Design Thinking” at Deloitte’s (9.00 to 12.00)  **SESSION FULL**
Activity 1: Visit the Career Services at University of Sydney

You’ll be given a brief tour of the Careers Centre facilities and then escorted to the Business School for a presentation and morning tea.  The presentation will cover both the central careers service and the Business School Careers and Employability Office  and provide information on each including the number of staff , number of students, core functions and services, delivery model and employability programs.  There will also be information about how a central careers service and a faculty-based careers service can work co-operatively over a 10 year period to provide to provide services to students and specifically to undergraduate and postgraduate Business School students who are able to access both services.  A tour of the Business School will follow.

Activity 2: Visit UTS Careers at University of Technology Sydney

Careers office on the ground floor of Building 1 for 10 minutes and then catch the lift to the central career service offices on the 25th floor and walk around the offices and examine resources. Meet in the conference room and discuss issues like number of students, number of staff, delivery model, resources, core functions etc.

Activity 3: Combined visit to both University of Sydney and UTS Careers Services

See information above.

Activity 4: Visit to Google Offices Sydney

Tour of the Google Office in Sydney followed by a presentation from the University Programs Specialist team regarding Google’s student recruitment and hiring process and what types of roles Google will be hiring for 2018.

Activity 5: Deloitte Design Thinking Workshop  **SESSION FULL**

This interactive session with design thinking experts from Deloitte will cover how to use design thinking to conceptualise and deliver the career services of the future.

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